The Trust was very fortunate to arrange a visit to the Moccas Deer Park as it is normally only open to research bodies and the like. Moccas contains 81 trees that are designated as Ancient, nearly 400 trees designated as Veteran and over 2000 trees designated as otherwise Notable. Our visit was guided by Bob Silverwood of Natural England, which is now responsible for the management of the Park. Bob provided a wealth of information on all aspects of the Park; the trees, the fauna and the soil and took us to visit some of the oldest trees, the Old Man of Moccas – an oak of over 9m in girth and one of the largest ash trees in UK and Ireland at over 8m in girth as well as many interesting veteran and ancient oaks and sweet chestnuts. The tour was concluded at a newly extended wetland area attracting visiting wildfowl.


Visit to Moccas Deer Park