An additional vist or visits!   Saturday June 30th.    Especially for those members who missed out on the Pitchford and Bifor visits, two additional visits have been arranged on the same day.    The first at 2pm is to the Mill House Arboretum, in Brownhill, Ryton XI Towns (SY4 4LR) which houses a  National Collection of birches (Betula).   It was set up over the last 20 years by one of our oldest members and his wife, Richard and Anne Mayall, who previously ran the Pimhill Organic Farm, which we visited in 2017.   The arboretum includes many other exotic species and tean and cake will be served in the Mayall's garden which is worth a visit in its own right!


Later that day at 6pm it will be possible for members to visit the Agroforestry farm of another member Peter Aspin at Soulton Nr Wem  SY4 5RT.  STT visited

here two summers ago and this is an opportunity for those who missed this visit to see this fascinating farm.    Peter will show us how he uses trees - many

exotic- to provide fodder as well as shelter for cows.   The cooling effect of the respiring trees is demonstrable and explains why the animals seek out the shade.

 The visit will begin at 6pm.

Guests are invited for both visits on payment of a small fee.